How to Find and Download Acer 5742Z WiFi Driver

Today I got a phone call from a friend asking me to fix his laptop, he have an Acer 5742Z and the problem was his WiFi, it’s wasn’t working. The first thing I did is check the Device Manager in Windows 7, and I was right, the Acer 5742Z WiFi Driver was not installed.

Well that was easy, now all I have to do is go to Acer’s official website and download the driver. It turned out that its not that easy, both of the available drivers for Windows 7 Atheros and Broadcom don’t work.

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News47ell 3.0 Now hosted by DigitalOcean

After a month break from writing, here I am again, ready to write and publish more great content.
In my break I decided to do something big for the site, something new, something I’ve never done before and see If I was able to do it or not. If you are reading this, it means that I succeeded.

You might be asking yourself: What the hell is he talking about? I don’t see anything new!

Well that’s good, because I wanted everything to be the same, while at the same time I wanted to change something very important.

At New Year’s Eve I started the hunt for a new host for my site. After month of research, hard work, long nights, no sleeps, lots and lots of coffee, cigarets and metal music, I’m proud to say that News For Hell is Now hosted by DigitalOcean.

Here’s the full story:

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Nuzzle Review: Don’t Miss the News on Twitter

Reading news is something I do everyday. I try not to miss out on anything at all, but let’s face it, it’s hard to read everything these days due to the huge amount of info and news being thrown at us each hour if not each minute.

People solved this by subscribing to the sites they like using RSS Services like InoReader, Feedja, FeedlyFeed Wrangler…etc, some people use apps that curate the news for them like: Flipboard, Pulse and SmartNews.
But there’s a problem with both of these options, RSS Services are not up to the second, and apps that curate the news for you, don’t always show you what you want or what’s relevant to you.

I solved this issue by using Twitter as a main source for news, it’s great, all my friends use it, many news site and news stations share their articles and breaking news on it, it’s perfect. But there’s also a tiny problem here, I follow 947 person on Twitter, I do my best to read all their tweets but sometimes things get out of hand, especially in case of breaking news or big evets like every time there’s an Apple event.

You can solve this problem in many ways, you can create lists and add group of people that you always want to keep an eye on, you can favorite tweets to read them later, and something I do all the time is to send any link I find interesting to Pocket.

That’s great and all but, at the end I’m only a human, and I need to sleep, this mean that I will lose about 6 to 7 hours of news each day, and since I live in Turkey and with the difference of time between Turkey and the United State I lose a good amount of news and sometimes its breaking news.

Here comes Nuzzle to the rescue:

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MailDeck Review: A Gorgeous Looking Mail App for iOS

Since the day Mailbox arrived on iOS, I didn’t think that I would need another Mail App on iOS, that’s all changed when I started this website. I had to manage more emails coming my way and in order to do that I started the hunt for the perfect Email App on iOS that support IMAP.
Sadly Mailbox doesn’t support it yet, they told me that they would do it soon but until now there’s nothing.

Then I discovered MailDeck, a gorgeous looking app that support IMAP. The app is indescribable.

Here’s my MailDeck Review:

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App Santa Is Back with Great Christmas Deals on the App Store

App Santa is back again this year with a great Christmas Deals on the App Store.

iOS and OSX apps are on sale now for Christmas, and App Santa never fails to disappoint with a big collection of apps on sales that includes apps like Launch Center Pro, Castro, Clear, Day One, Drafts and Tweetbot.

For more deals, make sure to follow @Deals47ell on Twitter

Here’s the full list:

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Dashlane Password Changer, One Click to Change Them All

Dashlane just introduced a brand new feature called Dashlane Password Changer that will allow users to change all their saved passwords automatically without any interaction from you, unless you have a Security Question or Two-Factor Authentication enabled which in that case you will be asked to enter your answer or code.

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Spotify Year In Music

It’s this time of the year again when Spotify release the stats regarding all the songs that were played during the current year.

Last year it was Spotify Year In Review, and this year it’s called Spotify Year In Music. You can find stats like the most popular male and female artist, song and album, Plus at the end you will be able to find all the stats regarding Your Year With Spotify.

Here’s my top songs for 2014:

Spotify My Year In Music 2014

Want more? Take a look at Federico’s top 10 tracks for this year.

How to Remove Duplicate Songs from Spotify Playlist

The second I walk outside of my home I launch Spotify and let Metal Music blast through my ears until they bleed…wait, is that too much info? No, that appropriate.
Anywho, In Spotify, My main Playlist is the Starred Playlist, and in it I have all the songs that I would enjoy listening to outside and inside the house, but sometimes I get bored from these songs and want to replace them so I select all of them and throw them into another playlist so I don’t forget about these songs in the future.

Doing this multiple times a month will create duplicates songs in the backup playlist and I don’t like that, going through all 600 songs to remove the duplicate ones are hard thing to do.

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